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Well unlike what som (5/16/2014)
Well unlike what some pepole say the right to privacy IS a constitutional right and to explain that statement let me 1st say .when the founders were writing the Cnstitution and then fouhgt over the Bill of Rights the issue was not if those rights existed as everyone thought the pepole had all these rights..but if a seperate list was needed the anti-bill of rights crowd expressed the fear that protecting specific rights might imply that any unmentioned rights would not be protected..which was NOT the case and NOT what the founders intended or wrote into the Constituion which is WHY the NINTH Amendment was written saying The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be contrued to deny or disparage others retained by the pepole Also the 4th amendments protects against unreasonable searches which INVASION of privacy is..it says a person's person, houses, papers and effects which describes EVERYTHING in a person's life.So PER THE CONSTITUTION we have a right to privacy another other outlook is just plain wrong and lunacy.Now I appreciate the right to a free press and the benefits it does give to a society ..but at the same point this society is organized for the PEOPLE not the press and as such the press like any other social organism, such as government, must be secondary to the citizens for which they serve. -1Was this answer helpful?

Emily - PW2mIDYE
IVqqMHjkoZPU (12/25/2012)
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