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CjLiCLsQHZrWtOjsBN (7/28/2012)
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xmariu - zCbOvmGqEwrynA
mcipUCFWQyuvfQ (7/27/2012)
Wow! you are getting great awrsens. A timing belt is just like an alternator, A/C, or other belt. they get old and crack. A hard driver(fast starts and stops) can shorten the life somewhat. Usually, as others posted, you should get over 60,000 miles on a belt. Heat is a big killer of timing belts. They are behind a cover and heat buildup is worse and the tines crack and usually break when accelerating or decelerating.The expense is not that bad unless you have a zero tolerance engine. For performance enhancement some engines are designed with the valves as close to the pistons as possible. There is simply not enough clearance for the valves to open and close with the piston at the top. When a timing belt breaks a valve will hit the top of a piston. At the least any valves extended will be bent. On heads with 12 to 16 valves there will be more than one. A lot of engines have sodium filled valves. These are very expensive.In some cases, usually depending on the speed at the time of the break, a valve can hit a piston hard enough to break the piston. This now has become a nightmare so you need to be prepared going in. Find out if your engine is a zero tolerance engine.If all is good make sure to replace the water pump if the timing belt runs it. It is another part with a planned work life and will save you money in the long run. Also replace the thermostat now and check idler pulleys and possible oil leaks.

brismack - HJTToMsHG
CRAP don't waste your time (3/8/2012)
website has changed owners, don't bother, gone from best customer service you'll ever find on a website store to NONE at all. pathetic. very sad, you've lost a 4 year repeat customer who bought about $2000 AUD worth of stuff. get lost. never again.

Lukas - Australia
Another top buy (10/30/2008)
To all, so impressed by Glenn @ OkinawaDirect.com after buying an embroidered BST-C black belt, I ordered 2 brown belts and a black belt for my girlfriends next 3 gradings. She is very happy too. They arrived in good time and Glenn''s choice of supplier, Shureido, didn''t disappoint in quality. Once she saw my black belt 2 months ago, she knew she had to have Shureido for her future belts. So will you.

Lukas - Australia