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RVaFXcmayhgTSXRq (12/25/2012)
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ghtpgcwupeb - YinyBItIzwt
RLrXgecYGof (12/25/2012)
.you negroes cling on to the past and wear it on your sveeles like a Badge, don't you know that the past can't be changed? you Fool IT'S the negroes OWN Foolishness nowdays that continues to hold the field negroe back, Some of the house negroes were clever enough to figure it out and continue, not the field negroes though .and YOU ARE A FIELD NEGROE and what's wrong with saying negroe? IF i remember? correctly, there was this one negroe radical

Peloy - hkIvGmWjp
WmjAzLkTuIVwpcd (1/9/2012)
So that's the case? Quite a reevltaoin that is.

Gytha - JFIkOjwRmkGzeSAY