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xDfTCrUom (12/26/2012)
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qshvlxgw - RPXpjyExZ
rBytQHkraAvXJt (12/23/2012)
I have a ladies mid 1960 s Columbia Firebolt that's in farliy decent shape. It's been stored for years in the attic & garage. Do you know someone who might be interested in buying it? It's turquoise/silver. Thanks!

Rajesh - BMTWGfPfhgNB
aPSwKPGm (12/23/2012)
that a cop will ever pull aside a white person (unless he/she looks poor) and asmuse that they have drugs on them. I have been stopped many times (DWB=driving while black) for no apparent? reason. I go to a liberal arts college in New England where the majority of students are white. They do more drugs than any black person I have ever known. But nobody cares or pays attention to them. No one asmuses that they are doing something illegal. Moreover, ask yourself why crack gets a

Sabin - nLTHlOBuCPLWFbDzpnw