MIMMA (7/26/2012)
, “karate”. No emphasis, no grand seecrt, just (shrug) “karate”. To me this was significant in that it boiled down a comment I heard you make once before. I don’t remember the exact words, but it had the tune of something like this: “A whitebelt who has learned the basics has everything he needs.” Now, when I watch television or look at karate videos on the internet I always keep in mind “karate”. I try to remember when I train that I don’t need some super-duper seecrt, I just need to train and try to understand what I already know. That one comment completely changed how I looked at and approached my karate. I stopped trying to find the grand seecrt and started trying to learn what I had been taught. Hopefully some day I will be able to shrug my shoulders and say “karate”. The second comment I had from you that was so significant was the day you told me I had been promoted me Shodan (January 1, 2008). I was feeling about twelve feet tall as you handed the four of us our certificates, providing a comment for each of us. Your comment about me was that I had done well and had a long way to go. Never in my life before had I felt so much a part of anything as I did that day. I stood on the front row with three black belts I truly respected and was a valued member of the group. Reminding me that I had a long way to go brought me back down to size and strengthened my sense of family/community because it was simple truth stated without any sense of reprimand or superiority. You essay on the old masters talked about talk about having learned the most by working out and being in the dojo. It sort of makes me think that I may have a long way to go, but I think perhaps, after four years the real comment is that I have a long way to go to LEARN that I have a long way to go. I do hope all is well in your life. Please extend my respects to all who might remember me.Very respectfully,Your student and friend,Ray

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makiwara cover (1/17/2009)
Geat product. Great service from Okinawadirect.com

Chris - Detroit
Quality product (9/17/2008)
I purchased this cover for a home-made makiwara that I mounted to a wall in my dojo.

Travis - Indiana/USA

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